Texas Instruments TI-30Xa LCD Repair


Had this calculator for some time now. Can’t remember how I got it, but it didn’t work as it ran on batteries and not solar power.  I never had the time to open it up back in the day, so I stashed it in a storage banker’s box.  I found it recently after looking for some supplies, and thought I would take a crack at it. Continue reading


Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus Battery Acid Leak Repair

Everything breaks.
It’s inevitable.
I was lent this calc for calc class where the batteries were over 20 years old with the original batteries in them.  Unbeknownst to the operational functionality of the device, I tried everything to get it to turn on.  From using fresh new batteries, to scouring the web to see if there was some internal reset that could be done, but nothing worked.  So I informed the device’s owner that I will be opening it up to see wtf is going on. Continue reading